Guinot Paris provides a wide range of beauty care, covering two specific categories: face & body. In each category, the company`s philosophy of professional expertise in product usage in salon is an important part of its skincare message. This points out that every skin is different; as well as being exposed to different environmental and stressful conditions at different times. It is the synergy of the professional services and the products that brings about skin beauty on which Guinot Paris prides itself.

Keeping its roots in the salons where its professional beauty treatments begin, Guinot Paris has increasingly expanded and today is recognised as the leading skincare collection in prestige beauty salons worldwide.


This deep cleansing facial is designed to cleanse the face paying particular attention to the T-zone. From the very first treatment the skin is instantly cleaner and more radiant. (To add a should, neck & face massage add £5.00)

AROMATIC FACIAL  - £35.00 (Includes massage)

You will feel incredibly relaxed and your skin will regain its suppleness, radiance and softness. The treatment ends with a plant extract mask, from which your face will emerge new and radiant.

Digital pressure movements relax the face and release tension with every exhaled breath. 

The energy of essential oils is ideal for dehydrated skin, and the soothing aromatic scent relaxes. 

- The Aromatic Mask is mixed by your beauty therapist who will have selected concentrates of plants recognised for their ability to enhance radiance and calm the skin.

At the end of the treatment your skin is more luminous and comfortable. Your face appears healthy and well rested. 

HYDRADERMIE FACIAL - £38.00 (includes massage)

To regain a radiant and luminous complexion, the Hydradermie treatment with its Sérum Gel Hydratation is the ideal treatment due to the removal of dead cells from the skin.

- After a consultation your beautician will choose the Hydradermie treatment products to be used according to your beauty aims and your type of dehydrated skin.

The hydration programme restores radiance and gives a glowing complexion.

A Face massage in the expert hands of your beauty therapist, which relaxes facial features and facilitates cell exchanges.

A 75 minute treatment, during which precious active ingredients will work to rehydrate the skin, and help reinforce its natural protective mechanism and improve its suppleness.

As soon as the treatment is over, your skin will feel more hydrated and comfortable. Your skin will have regained its radiance.

Proven results: 52.3%* more hydrated skin

*Clinically proven result

HYDRADERMIE PLUS FACIAL - £48.00 (Incorporating the serenity massage)

After the first treatment, you will see the visible results of lifted facial features. The skin has regained its tone and surface wrinkles have faded. This method is like "body building" for the face. Biopeptides, in the Serum Gel Anti-Rides, which recreate the skin's elasticity, combined with the stimulating effect of special currents, which allow for facial muscle stimulation.

BEAUTE NEUVE FACIAL - £35.00 (Includes massage)
Turn over a new leaf in less than an hour... Beauté Neuve is a treatment which removes the dead cells responsible for dull complexions and reduces the appearance of brown spots.

PEEL In gel and PEEL Out foam: this exclusive exfoliation method enables dead cells to be gently removed, lightening the colour of the complexion and restoring the radiance of new skin.

The Sérum Régénérant Dermanove enables the creation of new skin, skin which is smoother and more luminous after peeling.

The Mask brings back the skin's radiance while providing a lightening effect, in particular for brown spots.

LIFTOSOME ANTI-AGING FACIAL- £40.00 (Includes massage)

To firm the skin and tighten the features, in order to rejuvenate the appearance of the face. A unique treatment method combining firming, regenerating active ingredients with Masque Thermolift, which diffuses heat to improve penetration and cell activityThe Liftosome treatment shows visible results after the first treatment. Your skin is firmer and your face looks younger. To obtain even longer lasting results, your beauty therapist will recommend a course of three treatments, once a week for three weeks. She will also suggest the Liftosome treatment post-holiday, if your skin has been exposed to the sun and thus to ageing by UV rays.


hydra lift uses lymph drainage and a safe effective micro current to eliminate toxins, improve skin tone and work on the underlying muscle structure to lift and firm the face, eye and neck areas. Suitable for all skin types.

Hydra lift express - £38.00

A "work our" for the face and neck and eye area, creates a listing effect by toning the complexion, smoothing wrinkles and lifting the facial contours. Guinot recommends a course of 8 treatments (2 per week) - to incorporate the Guinot signature massage & mask add £5.00)

Hydra lift eye - £30.00

Intensive treatment, targets the eye area to reduce signs of ageing, fatigue and puffiness. It rehydrated as well as "lifting" the eyelids and smoothing fine lines, to resore a relaxed rejuvenated look to the whole area.

Delux hydra lift - £55.00

The complete combination treatment of the hydradermie and hydra lift in one facial, incorporating the signature Guinot massage