A quick, hygienic way of removing unwanted hair

  • UPPER LIP - £7.00
  • UPPER LIP AND CHIN - £11.00
  • FULL FACIAL WAX - £17.00
  • UNDER ARM WAX - £9.00

  • BASIC BIKINI WAX - £10.00

  • HOLLYWOOD WAX - £33.00
  • ANKLE TO KNEE WAX - £20.00
  • TOP HALF LEG WAX - £20.00
  • 3/4 LEG WAX - £25.00
  • FULL LEG WAX - £33.00
  • 1/2 ARM WAX - £16.00
  • FULL ARM WAX - £18.00
  • BACK WAX - £25.00
  • CHEST WAX -£25.00
  • EYEBROW WAX - £9.00



At Brooke's beauty our highly trained waxing therapists believe women deserve beautifully smooth, hair-free skin, anywhere you want - fast & free from discomfort.

Basic bikini waxing -All hair removed from the knicker line & upto 2inchesnon the inside - £10.00

Brazilian waxing - All hair is removed from front to back. We leave only a small strip at the front. - £33.00

Hollywood waxing - Absolutely all hair is removed from front to back.- £33


It's normal to be a little bit nervous about your first intimate wax and our foremost concern is that you feel comfortable with your treatment. Please remember that all our therapists are highly trained in intimate waxing; we do this everyday and have seen it all before so you can relax knowing you are on safe hands.

How long does my hair need to be? 

If you normally shave, you need about half an inch of hair in order to give the wax something to adhere to, so keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment.

Do I remove my underware?

Yes, your therapist will ask you to remove your clothing from the waist down. Your therapist will give you a towel for modesty. Your therapist will leave the room while you remove your clothing and you get comfortable on the bed and won't come back in until you are ready. The therapist will leave you with wipes to freshen up  & a towel to cover up.

Will it hurt?

No waxing is completely pain free but our advanced waxing formulas and specially developed techniques guarantee the most comfortable waxing available, with minimal discomfort. 

What products do we use?

Our products have been specially developed by waxü and are only availabe to waxü you approved therapists. We use the most advanced hot & warm wax blends  & luxury soothing pre-and post waxing oils.

How long does it last?

As waxing removes hair from the root the results can last 3 to 6 weeks depending on if the individual hair re-growth. In most cases, hair growth is minimal during the first week or two and noticeably increases in the third and fourth week. Regular waxing will often cause the follicle to become damaged over time and will eventually cause hair to come back finer Or just stop growing altogether.